Taggia Italian Restaurant - Scottsdale, AZ, 85251, US

Executive Chef at Taggia

  • Chef Massimo

Chef Massimo De Francesca was born in Canada, and he’s really a citizen of the world, with more passport stamps than he can count. This first-generation Italian chef has cooked in cities from Toronto to Torino, and from the Cayman Islands to the Big Apple. Fresh from the culinary arts program at George Brown College in Toronto, Chef Massimo had the incredible opportunity to work under Michelin star chefs in Italy and with Jean Pierre Challet at Bouchon Bistro in Toronto.

In 2001, during his apprenticeship with Challet, De Francesca was honored with an invitation to cook alongside his mentor at a special James Beard House dinner event. 

Chef De Francesca joined the Kimpton team in 2008 as the executive chef of the Washington, DC-area Domaso Trattoria Moderna, and later joined New York City’s NIOS and Silverleaf Tavern. While in these roles, De Francesca was highlighted at a variety of notable events including the Taste of Time Square and Food Network Food & Wine Festival.